The Dare to Stand Out 

The Ultimate Online Coaching Program That Will Lead To Lasting 

Transformation In Your Life & Business​

Stop the Madness & Create a Successful & Sustainable Business with Ease

~ YES! It is possible! ~

Are you asking yourself...

  • Why does everything seem to be so hard? 
  • Why am I not getting anywhere even though I followed so many experts, strategies and blue prints? 
  • Is it normal to feel exhausted and tired while I establish my business and life? 
  • How can I be more successful? 
  • Was and is it worth to invest in my dream and goals?
  • Can I stand a chance against all the competition around me? 
  • Why does nobody want to work with me or be part of my team? 
  • How can I grow my business faster? 

Do you want to experience amazing breakthroughs

that will support you in living your life & creating your business with ease,

a purpose and in deep connection with yourself and others? 

8 out of 10 entrepreneurs and small business owners quit within the first 18 months. We live in a world of information overload. You probably already worked through great blue prints and strategic plans and yet  you feel something is missing. You yearn for more significance for your life and for those around you. You are just not sure how. 

Strategy and a business structure is important but there is so much more to having a thriving business that gives you the financial freedom and meaning for your life you've always dreamed of. 

​If you would like to feel deeply connected with yourself and others in EVERY area of your life, experience ease, satisfaction, fulfillment and have FUN running your business, then I invite you to join this powerful movement!                    If you are a conscious and creative entrepreneur who loves to thinks outside of the box, this is for you! 

The Ultimate online Mastermind

Program That Will Transform Your Mindset, Being and Life to Success

What clients have to say: 

Jennifer Murray -

"Needless to say, Isabel has spoken life into dreams I didn't even know I HAD. Y'all! Seriously! I'm working through her life coaching course and it is SO.WORTH.IT. I am equal parts over the top enthused and a good way...I daresay her encouragement and coaching is one of the best things that has come along in ages for me!"

I know how difficult it can be to have your own business - if it is within a company or your own Small Business. It takes quite some work and yes, there is tons of information and material out there that tell you how to run a business, what to do, who to hire and even about where to go to get your ideal client....and still, you are not satisfied with where you are at and you are exhausted investing all this hard work into a business where over 90% of start up businesses tend to fail. 

I feel with you and so do many more. You are not alone. We live in a world of information overflow and often we are not sure what to believe, what to implement to really create the success in our lives we are looking for. I am here to tell you that it does take work but you don't have to feel overwhelmed, but rather seeing it as an amazing opportunity to learn and grow in a fun and exciting way.

The plain truth is that: To take your business to a new and extraordinary level of significance you have to get to know yourself to the core, to understand your self-set limitations and success-sabotaging strategies PLUS it takes 100% of your commitment. I want you to see your individual, unique potential and understand your God-given identity. I want you to SUCCEED!

​What you can expect from The Dare to Stand Out Mastermind Coaching Program:


The Power of "Mindshift" When Making Decisions 

In this module we will talk about how to make decisions that reflect who you are and is in alignment with your dreams and goals. It includes powerful questions and exercises to implement right away. 


Your Relationship with Yourself

In Module two we will take a closer look at how you relate to yourself and why this effects your success in life and business. Thought provoking coaching questions and reflections will help you to become a master in understanding your triggers and therefore connect more successfully with others. Whatever you focus on within yourself is what you focus on with others. 


Your Vision and Mission 

You will learn all about how to create a powerful mission statement and a message for your business and brand. This will help you to stand out no matter the level of competition in your field of expertise. YOU will become the absolute expert of YOUR business. 


Your Personalized Business Plan

Module four is all about setting specific goals that are in alignment with what you are truly capable of. We will go deeper at where you might sabotage your own success. You will leave this module with a plan of action that will have a huge impact on your success and on those around you. 


Manage Your Time

As entrepreneur managing your time wisely is crucial for your success. We will create awareness on what your deeper level of commitment is to time. After being coached through this module you will see great results in using your time effectively that allows you to create a business with ease and less stress. 


Your Relationship with Spirituality

Spirituality is not about church denominations or religion. But it is all about faith. In a business which success relies heavily on your performance, faith is what will carry you through whatever is being thrown at you. Even limitations and sabotaging behavior structures in this area of your life determine if your business will thrive or fail. 


Your Money Mindset 

This module is one of the most important if you want to ever make any money in your business. We will take a closer look at your relationship with money from a coaching perspective. Trust me, this is going to change the way you think about money forever. 


Creating Life Balance 

Wait, well-being and self-care is possible being an entrepreneur? Yes, it is essential to being successful in life. Taking care of yourself is connected to trusting that your business won't fall apart while you nourish your body and your soul. In this module I will introduce you to some simple to implement exercises that will allow you to create your life and business the way you imagine it. 


The Power of Enrollment

You don't like selling? You get stuck when it comes to approaching people about your service or product? In module nine we will talk about enrolling potential clients and customers into wanting to work and buy from you. But even that process starts with yourself. Let's break up your disempowering context to selling so you can thrive!


Creating Your Team

With everything we do, we are called to serve a greater good. No matter the product or service you offer, you are building a community around you. This is your team. Everyone who is part of your adventure is also part of your community. In this module we will be taking a deeper look at how to create a successful team that will support you to play big and aim high! And again, it starts with yourself! 


The Big Picture

In our last module we will bring everything together. Each area we coached around until week twelve is part of the big picture. How would you life look like from wholeness? 



As a bonus you will receive access to different expert interviews. We update the list on a regular basis. Social Media is one topic we will discuss in addition to the original mastermind program. 

The Dare to Stand Out will change and transform your life and business. It gives you the opportunity to work with a professional certified coach, similar to one-on-one sessions, but from anywhere you want and at any time that is convenient for you. This is a revolution of how we used to coach. Now we can reach even more people. Make the decision today and create your business with ease and the understanding that once you learn how to connect with your inner self, there are no limits to what you can accomplish. The beauty of the program is that you have access to it as long as it exists. Every time you go through it again, you will learn something new about yourself and take your business and life to a new level of success in living out your calling. THIS is the power of Personal Development. 

Discover the Leader within YOU! 

Home Study

  • Get Access Whenever & Wherever you are
  • Going Through The program On Your Own           Pace
  • Affordable Way of Powerful Coaching
  • 12 Weeks incl. 12 Modules Of Transformation
  • Worksheets To Print For Each Module
  • Experience of Individual Coaching Through         Thought Provoking and Self-Reflecting                 Questions
  • Unlimited Access
  • Private Facebook Group for Discussions,               Reflections, Community and Additional                 Accountability 
  • Access To Special Interviews with Other               Experts
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Premium Package

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  • Get Access Whenever & Wherever you are
  • Going Through The program On Your Own           Pace
  • Affordable Way of Powerful Coaching
  • 12 Weeks incl. 12 Modules Of Transformation
  • Worksheets To Print For Each Module
  • Experience of Individual Coaching Through         Thought Provoking and Self-Reflecting                 Questions
  • Unlimited Access
  • Private Facebook Group for Discussions,               Reflections, Community and Additional                 Accountability 
  • Access To Special Interviews with Other               Experts
  • Access to All Webinars
  • Email Support as Needed
  • One 30 min "unstuck" call with me during the        period of the program if needed 
  • ONLY 50 Spots Open During Any Enrollment        Period
  • HIGHLIGHT: Getting Personally Coached             Through The Program (value of over $4000)

$1997 $1497

Easy 4-Pay Option: 4 Payments of $387 (click the link to apply any current discounts available)

Can You Feel It? 

How would you celebrate once you accomplished that huge step from struggle and anxiety to freedom, service and knowing that you are making a huge difference in this world just by who you are with everything that is possible? I dare you to step up and stand out!! 

Personal Development is your ROCK SOLID foundation. With it you will be able to weather any storm and stand firm in your own inner power which leads to making more impactful decisions and gets you faster where you want to go.
Felice Snyder - Snyder's Sensation (Mary Kay)

In looking at my personal and business growth, I knew I needed a bit more. I was not familiar with coaching or even how to define what I wanted to be coached on. The growth and awareness that I have experience cannot even be defined. I have visions and dreams so big and so exciting that I wake each day excited. Isabel helped me to find the awareness and vision inside me that need to be stimulated again. Whether you think you know where you are, think you know where you are going, or aren’t sure of either — CCIH will lead you to find the best version of yourself waiting to jump out! It has been life changing.

When I went through my coaching training one thing that stuck with me ever since, was when the CEO said to us   "Life is precious and urgent". How much longer do you want to wait until you get up and start living your life, to show the world who you are and not just some version of you? How much longer do you want to wait until you tell yourself "Now I am ready."?

Life will always get in the way until we make the decision to not let it get in the way but to actually live it. You are the only one who can take the lead and follow where your heart always had pulled you to go. There is one promise I can give you today: It will take you outside of your comfort zone where unlimited possibilities are waiting for you! Take this leap of faith today! Move one step forward!

A Total of over $5000 In Value......

Sign up today and save big with this one time offer. This Mastermind Program is valued at over $5000. It is a tremendous investment in you, your life and your business you won't regret.

It is your opportunity to create an environment that works for you by having easy access to the program from anywhere in the world. It is your opportunity to get clear on where you personally set up limitations and sabotaging patterns, that hold you back in seeing what life really has to offer and what is truly possible to achieve in your business, to having the ability to choose and make decisions from an empowering place that acknowledges your strengths and your amazing potential!

It is time for you to shine and it is time for you to STAND OUT!!! Feel heard and understood while thinking outside of the box! Make an impact with the gifts God equipped you with! 

Home Study

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I’m so confident that you will LOVE the value of this course, I’m giving you a no-risk opportunity to try out the full The Dare to Stand Out 2.0 program for 3 months from your date you signed up. During this time, if you follow all the recommended steps, videos and exercises correctly plus received a 60-min personal coaching session, you may request a full refund. You will have access to the online coaching program once you enroll. You will be able to work at your own pace. However you will only be eligible for the refund within the first 90 days. There is no refund guaranteed if you do not do and fully implement the coaching program.

If you have any questions, please contact us Thank you!

Janet Falkenberg - Senior Associate LegalShield

Isabel is a person who connected with me very quickly. She ascertained my challenges and supported me through exercises to help me move forward in a very positive way. Through her guidance, I was able to develop a more vivid vision of my business that is serving me much better than before. I would recommend her to anyone for her coaching ability, compassionate nature and willingness to serve her clients to success

Do You Still Have Questions? 

When does the Mastermind Program Start?

You can start with the program at any time. Whatever day you will sign up, you will have instant access to your first module and will receive the next module exactly 7 days later. However the Premium Package is open for registration about every 3 months due to the limited spots. 

I am not sure, that sounds like hard work!?

It is what you make it to be. It is a journey. It’s a Mastermind Program! It is not meant for those who expect me to tell them exactly how their life is supposed to look like or what they are supposed to do. It is only for those who are really stepping up to accomplish their goals and milestones, that are willing to be coached and implement what they will learn. I promise you it will be worth it.

How much is the Mastermind Program, again?

Well, consider that I usually charge more than $ 5500 to work with my VIP clients and that you’ll have 12 weeks of my time while you are working on your program where I'll be able to see your progress and which allows me to give you feedback. Plus you will receive monthly Mastermind Blitzcalls and access to the forum where I can answer questions you might have. I could easily charge way more for the program than what I chose to do.

That’s correct – Your investment is only $1497 for the Premium Package and $497 for the Home Study Package. You can also take advantage of our great payment plans.

Why am I offering it for such a low price?

My mission is way bigger than just selling programs and charging for coaching. I want everyone to understand their uniqueness and their amazing potential that you were given in life to make a difference and to create something very powerful that will change lives. Therefore I want this program, insights and understanding be available for as many people as possible. Only together can we leave a better place for generations to come. Only together can we truly accomplish something that is far beyond the possibility of just one person. 

How do I know that my information given throughout the program will be safe?

I guarantee that all information given throughout the program are 100% judgement - free and 100% confidential. As coach this is my highest priority. If I would break my promise I would pretty much loose everything I worked so hard for the past years. I promise that all your information is valuable to me therefore I am treating everything with the highest respect possible. The platform you will sign up with, Jigsawbox, also guarantees 100% confidentiality and your information also is 100% safe with them. Nobody else will have access to your answers but me, your coach. If you have any concerns about this, please don't hesitate to contact us: My clients are important to me.

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Your investment of ONLY $ 1497 compared to over $5500 of One-on-One coaching!

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